IKWRO volunteer takes steps to success

26/07/19 | Client Stories

Miss N case study

Miss N is a 20 year old Kurdish woman living with her family in London where she was born. Although she moved to Iraq at the age of 7, she returned at the age of 15. She speaks Sorani, one of the languages in the Middle East.

When she contacted IKWRO following an Honour Based Violence incident, it was found that she had been receiving threats from her family to leave her boyfriend and as a result she was distressed, vulnerable and needed advice. IKWRO advised her to inform the police, gave her constant emotional support, information on various opportunities to restore her confidence and morale after such traumatic situation.

With passion for women’s rights and the experience of growing up in the Middle East, she joined IKWRO as a volunteer seeking to be able to empower and help women who are going through difficult times. During her volunteering period, she attended training such as Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence and Coercive control. She also gained knowledge of how Women’s Rights Organisations operate, insight on different issues faced by women and improved on her communication skills.

“I feel very good volunteering at IKWRO especially the women that work there that I have met have very helpful and have made this experience a pleasure. I feel that volunteering at IKWRO at this stage in my life is exactly the place I want to be.”

With her improved communication skills, she created her own page in Kurdish talking about successful women to inspire others, have a conversation on women’s stigmatised issues such as menstruation, sexual assault etc. She already has more than 2,000 followers, she intends to continue volunteering at IKWRO until she finishes her Law Degree, do a Masters in politics and then move to Kurdistan, Iraq permanently to put her skills and experience to good use.


William Rickett

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