Harmful Practices Training for Schools

We provide workshops to schools on healthy relationships and the harmful practices of 'honour' based violence. With the aim of combating these behaviours, raising awareness, and ensure individuals are able to stay safe.

Locations available

  • London

Service Details


We provide workshops to primary school students on healthy relationships to in order to combat abuse within families and future relationships. Within these workshops we cover different types of relationships, healthy and unhealthy relationships, we explore the notion of power, we discuss secrets, personal space, safe and unsafe closeness/touching, the NSPCC Pants Rule, our rights, and the support available to help with these issues.

We also deliver workshops to secondary schools students on the harmful practices of ‘honour’ based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation in order to raise their awareness on these harmful practices and ensure all students are equipped with the necessary knowledge on how to stay safe if at risk.

Contact Details

For more information contact, info@IKWRO.org.uk.

Workshops are delivered at various locations and to suit your requirements.

This service is provided by IKWRO.

Locations available

  • London

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